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Recon Library

Research aids, resources, discussions, and reviews

Reconstructionalist Library
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All Members , Moderated
Your moderator: theaceofspades

This is a forum for members of all Reconstructionist faiths and cultural traditionalists to interact and discuss resources for research -- primarily books and websites, although information about cultural resources such as music, art, and crafts are also welcome. Reviews and reading lists are welcome, and encouraged. If a bookseller or business would like to be mentioned in a community resource for book-shopping, they may contact the moderator at theaceofspades@livejournal.com.

Important Note: This is not a community for Satanic, Neopagan, Wiccan, or Hermetic/ceremonial magic(k) discussions. Posts on these topics will be deleted.


1) Posts should be focused on Recon issues, and resources for same
2) Arguments should be academic, not ad hominem
3) Pics and long posts behind an LJ-cut, please

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